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New Balance SM921 Water Exercise Shoes For Men Review

Water exercise shoes are mostly recommended for people who participate in active out-door sports. These special shoes are made to protect feet in any terrain, whether it is wet, rough, or sharp.

These shoes allow maneuvering on surfaces with ease while hiking, swimming, or just walking; keeping you from tripping or sliding. Water shoes are a great advantage when scuba diving, or swimming because of their light weight, and less water retention. These shoes will allow you to swim in water like you were barefoot and walk on dry land right after with how fast they dry.

The New Balance SM921 is only two pounds and 629 x 1 x 510 inches in dimension, making movement easier. In addition to being lightweight, this shoe has cording over the foot allowing for a perfect fit, a midsole that retains less moisture, and a sole that can tackle any wet or dry surface. The shoe is also very comfortable and durable; so that customers are safer while on any outdoor adventure.

Other features you might want to look at:

  • Made with rubber sole
  • Water Resistant
  • Hydrohesion rubber outsole
  • Contains peripheral perforated ports
  • Has synthetic and mesh exterior

With this pair of water shoes for men, you don’t have to stay indoors (in the house or the gym). Explore other activities such as mountain climbing, water rafting, kayaking and others. The breathable and lightweight features of this foot apparel will guarantee that your feet will stay dry all-day. New Balance had carefully done its research so that average individuals or athletes can greatly benefit from their products.

Customers just love to have this pair of water exercise shoes as a gift to their loved ones or for their own use. And although it was listed as a shoe apparel for men, some women are using it! It is perfect for water aerobic classes and other indoor sports activities. On the other hand, most guys who bought their pair of SM921 were pleased with it and commended it for its superior performance. The only problem they have is its price – which is higher compared with other conventional water shoes.

Nonetheless, we can say that the New Balance SM921 are great pair water aerobics shoes. These items are made to withstand any sport, or activity. It is currently available for the price of $60 Р$100 in Navy and Black/Green colors.